Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer is Over....Back to work

Its official.....I am going back to work tomorrow. I am starting this school year off at a new district so I have to go back with all of the new teachers. I am so sad to have to leave my little girl but I am kinda ready to get back to teaching.

Brook turned 16 months this week!

We had a great last week babysitting the girls! We had lots of fun playing games and going to Chuck E Cheese. We sure missed our little Emma this week. The girls taught Brook how to play some fun games. Here is Brook and Ashley playing Connect Four. I cant believe my 16 month old sat still long enough to play. It was so cute to watch her wait until it was her turn to put in her piece.

Sarah and Brook played this elephant game that was super fun! There is air that blows little butterflies up through the elephant's trunk. The winner is determined by whoever catches the most butterflies in their net. Brook had so much fun running around trying to catch the butterflies in her net!

We also had a great weekend! Dada was off on Saturday so we finally got to take out his pride and joy......the Boston Whaler and go boating on the river. This was Brook's first time to go out in a boat and she loved it! We packed a picnic lunch and caked on the SPF 50 and had a great day out in the sun.

Here is a picture of Brook's single uncles if any one is in the market!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...Can you believe it is already that time? :-( No more fun girl time playdates! :-( Maybe we can have girl time supper dates every once in awhile! :-) I hope you love, love, love your new school! Have fun...don't find a new best friend out there in that "small" know I'm real, real jealous! :-) Love you!

Darla said...

sniff, sniff! sorry your summer is over but I hope you really like your new school! Good luck!

Darla said...

Hey Cassi, I'm tagging you...see the details on my blog. Hope you will play along!

eaphilley said...

hey how did you put music on here?