Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rebuilding and Pumpkin Patch

I know it has been a while since my last post. I find it easier and more fun to blog stalk than to post! Some of you know that we are building a new house right now and it has been nothing but easy. After 10 months of planning, clearing the land and trying to get permits we finally got started!

Well then Hurricane Ike struck! We had 3 trees go through the back of the house and we lost 7 others in the yard. We are just truly blessed that we weren't farther along or living in it! So now we are waiting for the insurance company and to start over again. This weekend we took our big 18 month old Brookie to a pumpkin patch! Of course her favorite part was riding the nay-nays! We had a great time playing with the animals and picking out the perfect pumpkin!

Hopefully this is the start to frequent posts! Till next time!


Darla said...

Sorry to hear about your house! Brooke is so big and adorable! Hope y'all will come to our show in November. She would probably love all the animals!

Lianna Knight said...

YEAH!! I'm so glad you posted!! I got tired of seeing that "1 month ago" under your name :)

Brooke looks adorable...that pumpkin his HUGE!!

And your house...praise the Lord you guys weren't completed and living there alredy :)

Laura Ann said...

Cassie...looks as if you have been really busy with house stuff, I am just glad you guys were not in there. I know you were sad to lose all of those trees. Brook is too cute...and I love the outfit. We need to get our girls together for a playdate soon!

Anonymous said... glad to see your post! :-) Brook is ADORABLE! She is getting sooo big...such a cutie! I miss you so much! Love you!

eaphilley said...

HEY how did you get music on your page. I made a playlist but don'tknow where to paste it. Is this like myspace where you have friends and stuff. Give me some info

eaphilley said...

i followed you now follow me. And tell anyone else you know