Monday, August 4, 2008

Blog Debut!

Well I have been fixing up my blog for a week or two now and have finally decided to post. Thanks to my friends Laura and Tedra I have been hooked on blog stalking! I always thought that I did not have enough time to do something like this or myspace but my husband convinced me that all the time I spend stalking everyone else I could have one of my own.

Well I have really great news.....Brook's paci went "gone gone" over the weekend! It has been more than 24 hours without it. She has played, rode in the car and even went to sleep without it. I figured since she knows the meaning of "gone gone" now it was time to get rid of it. She was never going to learn how to talk with it always in her mouth! She is about to start Mother's Day Out in a few weeks and I did not want to have to worry about her having it with her.

This is going to be really fun sharing the everyday adventures with you of my family!

Oh by the way, these are Brook's favorite songs!


Darla said...

now we'll be stalking you, lol! Welcome to the world of blogging. Look forward to keeping up with y'all! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm so glad that we can now stalk little sneaky thing! :-)I'm so excited! WOOOHOOO paci! I'm so proud! Love you both! :-)

Laura Ann said...

So excited to see you blogging Cassi, looking forward to reading more. Brook is a big paci, she will be talking up a storm now. Emma looks forward to seeing Brooky soon!

Allison said...

Hey, it's Allison Husband-Weaver. Long story, but I ran across your blog by shear accident the other day. I was on facebook (which is a rarity in itself) and I saw that Chioke added Darla as a friend. When I went to her page it had a blog and by accident I clicked on a link on her page and it brought me to yours. After I read your blog, I read the Howell Quints blog, and became absolutely captivated. Do you actually know them? What an awesome story, and WOW, they are such lucky babies to all be doing so well. Anyway, email me if you'd like. I have a blog for Eliott. I don't use this Blogger site, though. My email is:

OMG Brook is SOOOO gorgeous and adorable!