Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yeehaw! Brook is 3!

At the beginning of April, Brook turned 3 years old! I can't believe she is already 3. Before I know it she will be 16! She is in love with horses so I was not surprised when she said she wanted a horsey party. She used to call horses "black booties", but now she has changed it to "fat booties". I have no idea where this girl comes up with some of the stuff she says.

Here is her invite we sent out. I had it made on etsy and I forgot to put where the party was. Oops! Oh well, I think they still turned out so cute!

Here she is posing at the dessert table!

Our family of three!

Memaw Bear has made all of Brook's cake and she did an awesome job again this year!

Its kind of hard to see but I made this birthday banner that said "Happy 3rd Brook". I used pink and chocolate cardstock and lots of horse scrapbook paper.

Nay-Nay and Grumpy got a carousel of 4 horses for the party. We knew we needed more than one horse because no one else would get to ride if we only had one. It was so cute when the truck and trailer got to our house. Brook almost started crying when she saw the horses. She was sooooo excited. This purple guitar was her favorite gift! She is in love with the song Cowboy Casanova and the singer Taylor "Fish".

Mawmaw and Big Papa gave Brook this little maltipoo puppy! Brook named her Mia and she is just the cutest thing ever!

The kids had a lot of fun hitting the pinata and jumping in the jump house that Brook's Nana and Papaw got her.

Here she is all grown-up blowing out the candles for the first time on a birthday cake.

At the end of a fun filled day sharing a capri sun with her "big sissy" Hunter.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

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Melissa said...

She is just precious! What a fun birthday party!