Friday, May 28, 2010

1 Month Old

Luke you are one month old!

  • this week you weighed 9 lbs 7 oz

  • wear size 1 diaper

  • wear 0-3 month clothes

  • eat every 3 hours
  • nurse all day and take bottles at night
  • at 3 weeks old we started putting cereal in your bottle (it didnt help you sleep any better)

  • sleeping in a cradle in our room

  • you have been to HEB, Target, out to eat, to my school, gymnastics to watch Brook, a graduation party and the dr 3 times

  • when you are upset you settle down when your sister sings Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

  • you love taking baths


Anonymous said...

Luke you are getting so big and just think in 9 months you and Big Sis will have a lil cousin to play with and boss around!
We love you!
RanRan and CoCo

Melissa said...

Precious!! He is getting so big!!! What a doll!