Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planting Trees and Waterslide

Today we planted five new trees in our yard. Travis did some research on these trees. They are called Royal Empress. They are supposed to be the fastest growing shade tree. They are about two feet tall and should grow atleast 15 feet in the first year. They should grow to be about 45 feet tall when they are done. We lost so many trees during Hurricane Ike so we wanted to plant some more but we didn't want to wait forever for them to grow.

So here is what our little tree looks like!

Here is Brook watching her daddy give it some water!

Hopefully this is what they will look like in a few years!

After we got done planting the trees while it was 100 plus degrees outside, we set up Brook's new waterslide to cool off in! At first she was a little scared but after she tried it one time, she was hooked. I got it on clearance at Walmart and I am totally glad I got it. It is the perfect size for her because she can climb up the back all by herself and when she slides down the pool is the perfect depth!

Here she is getting ready!

And weeeeeee......what fun!

And of course it wouldn't be fun without "Big Sissy" Hunter to swim with!

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Lianna Knight said...

That slide DOES look fun :) And the tree will be gorgeous....