Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday CoCo

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear CoCo, Happy Birthday to you! CoCo you are the best aunt ever! Thank you for staying with us when Daddy had to go back to work when I was still little, thank you for going shopping with me and Mommy so she can actually look around and not have to worry about me, thank you for taking great care of me this past year while Mommy was at work, thank you for all of the great gifts you ever bought me ( I am very excited that you got a new JOB now!), and most importantly thank you for loving me and spoiling me rotten! We had fun taking you to lunch today (Mommy forgot the camera so we dont a have a pic) and hope you had a great day today! P.S. The next best thing to you would be a cousin!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday CoCo! Love, Brookie


Lianna Knight said...

Happy Birthday Cortney!!!

Laura Ann said...

Happy Birthday Coco...Emma says "that's not Brookie's aunt, Coco is my aunt" (ha ha). These girls are a mess. I hope you had a super Birthday. Hoping you will have a little baby to celebrate with you next year!