Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dewberry Farm

Back in October we took Brook out to Dewberry Farm to pick a pumpkin and have some fun. Nay-Nay, Coco, Nana, Papa and Bubba went with us to enjoy the festivities. There was so much to do there but by far her favorite thing was to ride the ponies. I think she rode them at least 6 times. We had fun swinging in the haybarn on the rope swing.
Aunt Coco had to go down the big slide with Brook because we were scared it was going to shake the baby out of me! It was made out of pvc pipes and it was a very bumpy ride.
Next we did the hippity hop and Brook had a lot of fun. I dont think the baby enjoyed it as much because I was very nauseous when we were done.
Here she is walking through the flower patch.

Here is Nana, Papa and Bubba waiting for us on the wagon while Brook decides on a pumpkin.

I definetly think this will be a tradition from now on. It was so fun and there were so many things to do!

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Larry said...

Thanks for the kind comments about Dewberry Farm. What a wonderful family. I hope you do make it a Family Tradition.
Farmer Dewberry