Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Under the Weather

Not much has been happening around our household except for Brook having the flu. I feel so bad because I can't make her better. She has had a little cold off and on for about two weeks, but over the weekend she got a really bad cough. We could not get her in to our regular pediatrition so Travis took her to an urgent care clinic on Monday. She hasn't had any fever but she has all of the other symptoms that go along with the flu. She has never really ever had a runny nose so this is all new to us. We got some medicine and were hoping we were on the road to recovery but today we had major drama with diarreah. My sis watches Brook while I am at work and she was totally freaking out! We only had about 11 blowouts today! We now have more medicine to stop the diarreah. As of now she is peacefully sleeping so I am about to join her just in case if we have a long night ahead of us! Please say a little prayer for us that we can make a quick recovery!


Darla said...

Poor Brooky! There are so many kids with the flu...bummer! Hope she is feeling well soon!

Lianna Knight said...

Do you think Brook sent her cold to me all the way in Florida??? I'm home from work today :(